Additional Resources

As you learn about social change philanthropy and grant-making, check out these resources!
  • Accelerating Change for Women and Girls: The Role of Women’s Funds” (2009): To understand the increased inclusion of women within philanthropy, the Foundation Center partnered with Women’s Funding Network to chart the current landscape of philanthropy, focused on women and girls, and to document the role of women’s funds and foundations.
  • Grantmaking with a Gender Lens from org: In this guide, grantmakers and grantees describe the experience of using a “gender lens” in their work. They explain what gender analysis is and isn’t — and why it can help shape more effective programs and organizations. The guide also takes a closer look at how gender analysis has led to new thinking in fields as diverse as public health, international development, juvenile justice, and youth services. The guide offers additional insights and special advice on issues ranging from “What about Men and Boys” to “Uncovering Gender Assumptions.”
  • The Status of Women in the States” (2015): This report from the Institute for Women’s Policy Research provides critical data to identify areas of progress for women in states across the nation and to pinpoint where additional improvements are still needed. It presents hundreds of data points for each state across seven areas that affect women’s lives: political participation, employment and earnings, work and family, poverty and opportunity, reproductive rights, health and well-being, and violence and safety.
  • Engaging Female Donors: Learning from Jewish Women’s Foundations from This 2012 article, written by two former Executive Directors of other Jewish women’s funds, highlights the movement and its collaborative nature.