Who We Are

Over 100 dynamic Jewish women are Trustees of Jewish Women’s Fund of Atlanta (JWFA). Trustees join JWFA with varied backgrounds and experience, brought together by their shared commitment to creating a world where women can grow, learn, and experience equality. Trustees have the unique opportunity to become empowered as funders by taking a hands-on approach to philanthropy using a giving circle model. We invite you to join us!

Thanks to the visionary leadership of our co-founders, Carol Cooper, Sara Franco, and Ilene Engel, JWFA gives Atlanta’s Jewish women greater influence and increased impact by pooling their philanthropic resources. Watch this brief video to learn our story.

Join Our Collective

Why Join?

Would you like to be more involved in deciding where your money goes and following the impact? As a JWFA Trustee, you will. We strongly believe in our “one woman, one vote” model, which values all Trustees’ voices equally, regardless of each woman’s individual investment in JWFA. When you become a Trustee, you make a lasting investment in shaping the lives of Jewish women and girls.

Trustee Participation

As a Trustee, you can choose to participate as much or as little as you want. All Trustees are invited to join any committee and to attend all meetings and events. While some Trustees take an active role in JWFA decision-making, others trust the communal wisdom of the group, and most fall somewhere in-between! All Trustees are welcome and valued.

How to Join

To become a Trustee, you agree to make a gift of at least $3,000 per year for three years, totaling at least $9,000. For women under age 45, the minimum commitment is at least $1,000 per year for three years, totaling at least $3,000. Additional donations or tributes are welcome at any time and increase the capacity of JWFA. Membership is effective immediately upon receipt of first payment (a minimum of $3,000 for women 45 and over; minimum of $1,000 for women under 45).

For more information about becoming a JWFA Trustee, please contact Judy Marx, Advancement & Engagement Manager at jmarx@jwfatlanta.org or 678-222-3716. You may also download a Trustee Agreement here.

Jewish Women’s Funding Network

While Jewish Women’s Fund of Atlanta is the only Atlanta women’s fund of its kind, we are an active member of the Jewish Women’s Funding Network. The Jewish Women’s Funding Network envisions
a world where all self-identified Jewish women leaders and philanthropists come together to mobilize resources to live in a world where gender equity and social justice is the norm. The Network has been operating since 2007 and has distributed over $37M to thousands of organizations and self-identified Jewish women influencers and holds over $40M in assets and endowed funds. The Network boasts over 2000 active individuals.
JWFA Trustees collaborate on successful grants for Jewish women and girls.