What We Do

According to the Women's Philanthropy Institute, in the last 15 years, only 1.2% of publicly-announced philanthropic gifts are directed toward women and girls' causes. This is why Jewish Women's Fund of Atlanta is so critical. We are the only organization in Atlanta solely focused on social change for Jewish women and girls. Launched in 2012, Jewish Women’s Fund of Atlanta expands opportunities in the lives of Jewish women and girls with grants, advocacy, and education through a gender lens. Jewish women and girls are at the center of the JWFA mission. As a hands-on, collaborative organization, we take a unique approach to philanthropic work. We encourage our Trustees to directly determine how their donations are invested. To achieve our vision, we apply strategic and innovative grant-making, education, advocacy, and leadership development to create lasting, system-wide changes.

JWFA Commitment to Social Change Philanthropy Through a Gender Lens:

Social change philanthropy focuses on the root causes of problems, working to improve conditions that lead to inequality. This approach is unlike traditional charity, which often seeks to address only the symptoms of societal problems. JWFA promotes social change by addressing the underlying obstacles that impede the full participation of Jewish women and girls in society and by helping women and girls gain the tools they need to help themselves. As part of this mission, JWFA encourages the active participation of women and girls in the governance of organizations we support.

By using a gender lens, JWFA builds on the needs, strengths, perspectives, and experiences of Jewish women and girls. A gender focus recognizes that the needs of females may differ from those of males, and that we must pay deliberate attention to gender as an important component of diversity when creating, implementing, and evaluating programs. Gender-sensitive programs demonstrate an understanding of – and an ability to meet – Jewish women’s and girls’ needs.


Did you know that the latest IRS data indicates that U.S. women contribute more to philanthropy than men? Despite that fact, only 1.2% of publicly-announced philanthropic gifts are directed toward women and girls’ causes. Jewish Women’s Fund of Atlanta changes that reality by expanding opportunities in the lives of Jewish women and girls with effective grant-making, advocacy, and education through a gender lens.

JWFA gives women the unique opportunity to take an active role in ensuring that their philanthropic dollars are allocated to causes which empower Jewish women and girls, while leveraging their power by pooling resources with other women. All Trustees have an equal vote in the grant-making process. A Trustee of JWFA is an agent of change and positively impacts the lives of countless Jewish women and girls.

Leadership Development

Jewish Women’s Fund of Atlanta empowers women to be leaders, decision makers, and philanthropists in several different ways. Through the work of our Grantee Partners, Jewish women and girls gain the tools and skills they need to become leaders in their schools, communities, and local governments. By engaging as JWFA Trustees, women throughout the Greater Atlanta area pool their collective resources and networks to achieve greater impact. As participants in our Agents of Change Training Program (ACT), women gain skills to achieve greater impact personally, professionally, and communally. As attendees at communal seminars and workshops, Jewish women gain knowledge and understanding of important issues facing Jewish females, as well as information and tangible resources for engaging as leaders in the Jewish community and beyond.

Education and Advocacy

Jewish Women’s Fund of Atlanta education and advocacy efforts broaden the scope of our work and complement our portfolio of Jewish grants. By using a Jewish and gender lens to delve into topics such as addiction, poverty, financial literacy, and workplace discrimination, JWFA elevates Jewish women’s and girls’ issues to the forefront of the conversation. JWFA works strategically with local partners to host periodic seminars and discussions on relevant and pertinent subjects at hand.