2020 Hindsight: A pivotal moment in history, through the eyes of Atlanta’s Jewish women and girls

In this pivotal moment in history, we know there is so much on the minds of the Jewish women and girls of Atlanta. The struggles. The hopes for the future. The opportunities before us. We know that between the pandemic and protests, mental health and mommying, learning and living, there is much on everyone’s minds, and we want to provide a platform for you to share.

You have a story to tell, and we would love to hear it.

Join our book launch on May 20, 2021 at 1 p.m. EST! Registration form below. 

Celebrate the Power of Women’s Voices!

JWFA is proud to announce the release of our much-anticipated anthology – 2020 Hindsight: A pivotal moment in history, through the eyes of Atlanta’s Jewish women and girls.

Join us as we hear from some of the women who shared their personal stories, including bestselling author, Zoe Fishman. The program will feature a panel of authors discussing why they felt compelled to participate in the project, the cathartic nature of writing and how the idea of an anthology developed within JWFA. Panelists include: Zoe Fishman, Victoria Raggs, Jamie Rindsberg, and Rabba Melissa Scholten-Gutierrez.

The book contains essays and poetry from a diverse array of more than 50 women and girls in Atlanta’s Jewish community, ranging in age from seven – 90.  Each piece provides a glimpse into the triumphs and challenges these women faced during the past 16 months. JWFA is thrilled to give voice to these deeply moving and impactful experiences that are at once unique and familiar.

The book will soon be available for purchase on Amazon and a portion of the proceeds helps JWFA continue our mission to create positive opportunities and promote social change for Jewish women and girls.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Book prompt:

Quite simply, we want to know: as a self-identifying Jewish woman/girl in Atlanta, what is on your mind in 2020? 

Jewish Women’s Fund of Atlanta is collecting essays as part of an anthology project. This initiative is open to all self-identifying, Jewish women and girls in the metro-Atlanta area. As women, we often deal with a fear of judgement that holds us back from expressing our own truths. In the interest of honesty and discretion, all submissions that appear in print will be anonymous. Forgoing formal attribution will allow readers to focus on the narratives rather than the individual authors. Essays can be submitted online through January 31, 2021. Selected works will appear in print and cover a variety of themes. Essays that appear in the publication will be edited for clarity, in collaboration with each author, whose identity will be known only to our editing team and will otherwise be kept completely confidential.

Some potential prompts and guiding questions to get you started:

  • When you reflect on the past year, what stands out to you?
  • How has your Jewish identity impacted your experience? How has your experience impacted your Jewish identity?
  • How has your gender identity impacted your experience? How has your experience impacted your gender identity?
  • One thing I have learned about myself this year…
  • One unexpected experience this year…
  • One challenge I faced this year…
  • One unexpected but positive experience this year … 
  • One thing I’ll never forget from this year…
  • My priorities have shifted by…

We are no longer accepting submissions. Thank you to everyone who contributed. Stay tuned for next steps!

Please note that submission does not equal publication, and all submissions are subject to editing (in partnership with you). Should your essay be included in the book, a small honorarium (in the form of a gift card) will be remitted after publication as a token of our appreciation for your participation. 

Jewish Women’s Fund of Atlanta (JWFA) promotes social change and expands positive opportunities for Jewish women and girls. For eight years, JWFA has been a catalyst for change and a driver of gender equality within the Jewish community by utilizing strategic grantmaking, hosting educational programs on important challenges facing women and girls, and providing leadership training to female philanthropists and upcoming leaders.

JWFA’s Agents of Change Training program (ACT) builds the capacity of women in Atlanta’s Jewish community to become agents of change, developing their skills through exclusive, interactive seminars led by accomplished leaders, activists, and influencers, and providing networking and mentoring opportunities designed to foster a sense of growth personally, professionally, and communally. After participating in ACT’s pilot year (2019-2020), a motivated group of ACTivists were eager to work together on a group project that utilized the skills they learned in their first year of the program. What resulted is this anthology.

Each woman joined ACT with a story to tell. Her unique experiences, perspectives, and challenges have shaped her into the woman she is today. Now it’s your turn to tell YOUR story. And thus, this project seeks to collect stories from Jewish women and girls of all ages across metro Atlanta to be compiled, edited, and published by the women of the JWFA Agents of Change Training: Cohort 1.