Who We Are

Over 130 dynamic Jewish women are Trustees of Jewish Women’s Fund of Atlanta (JWFA). Trustees join JWFA with varied backgrounds and experience, brought together by their shared commitment to collaborative grant-making in a world where women can grow, learn, and experience equality. Trustees for this Atlanta women’s fund operate as a giving circle and have the unique opportunity to become empowered as funders by taking a hands-on approach to Atlanta philanthropy.

Thanks to the visionary leadership of our co-founders, Carol Cooper, Sara Franco, and Ilene Engel, as well as the support of Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta, JWFA gives Atlanta’s Jewish women greater influence and increased impact by pooling their philanthropic resources for Jewish grants.


“We have all kinds of Trustees, and we value every one of them.” –Carol Cooper, JWFA Co-Founder

Elaine B. Alexander+
Ellen Arnovitz*+
Amy Arogeti+
Carly Arogeti+
Liza Arogeti+
Jane Aronoff+
Teri Astren+
Cherie Aviv+
Vicki Benjamin*+
Martha Berlin*+
Candy Berman*+
Mindy Binderman+
Meredith Blechman+
Rita Bloom+
Kathe Brown*+
Janet Cadranel+
Marsha Cintorino*+
Ruth Coan✡
Kitty Cohen*+
Amanda Cohn*+
Donna Coles+
Carol Cooper*+
Ann Davis+
Linda Davis+
Laura Dinerman*+
Rachel Dinerman+
Enid Draluck+
Gail Duner+
Jane Durham*+
Nicole Ellerine+
Janice Ellin*+
Ilene Engel*+
Elisa Ezor+
Ellen Feinsand+
Allison Fellner+
Heather Fenton+
Nataly Fleishman+
Lisa Fox Freedman+
Janine Franco+
Sara Franco*+
Lois Frank*+
Michelle Frank+
Pepi Friedman*+
Abby Friedman+
Erica Gal+
Marianne Garber+
Stacey Geer*+
Corky Gelder+
Gina Genz+
Jennifer Glazer Malkin
Elizabeth Goldberg+
Marcia Goldman+
Alicia Goren+
Sylvia Gort+
Lisa Greenberg*+
Mitzi Greenblatt+
Carol Grodin+
Lynne M. Halpern+
Lynne P. Halpern*+
Lisa Haynor*+
Wendy Heckelman+
Diane Heller+
Mona Heyer+
Michal Hillman*+
Etta Raye Hirsch*+
Michele Hirsch*
Barbra Hirsh+
Merle Hoch+
Andrea Jaron+
Susan Joseph+
Jeanie Katz+
Barbara Klineman+
Laurie Kogon+
Sara Kogon+
Eydie Koonin+
Phyllis Kozarsky+
Debbie Kuniansky+
Debbie Kurzweil+
Sheri Labovitz+
Robin Lane
Loren Filson Lapidus+
Janet Lavine+
Phyllis Lazarus✡
Michelle Leven+
Deborah Levin+
Elaine Levin+
Randi Levy
Barbara Lincoln+
Sheryl Lipman+
Marcy Louza+
Jan Lupuloff*+
Billi Marcus+
Charlotte Marks+
Lisa Marks+
Lydia Medwin+
Caren Merlin*
Mimi Monett+
Belinda Morris+
Debbie Neese
Nancy Nelkin+
Diane Orenstein+
Stacy Pinsker+
Robin Pollack+
Lindy Radow+
Alison Rand+
Renee Rinzler+
Ruth Rosenberg+
Elaine Rosenblum+
Robyn Ross+
Louise Rothberg+
Debbie Rubin+
Jacquie Sacks*+
Karen Fine Saltiel
Sue Samuels+
Emily Sanders*+
Julia Schnabel+
Susan Schoenbaum+
Lauren Schrager+
Joyce Schwob+
Cathy Selig+
Tonia Sellers+
Samantha Shabman+
Linda Silberman+
Wendy Siskin+
Vicky Sloan+
Jodie Sobel+
Debbie Sonenshine+
Laura Soshnik*+
Deborah Spector*+
Anita Stein+
Margie Steiner✡
Marlene Sukiennik+
Betty Sunshine+
Luci Sunshine+
Judith Taylor+
Dede Thompson*+
Ronit Walker*+
Stephanie Weiss+
Melinda Wertheim*+
Ashley Woodman+
Judy Zaban+
Randi Zelcer+
Susan Zweig+
*Indicates Founding Trustee
+Indicates current Trustee
✡Of blessed memory


Debbie Kuniansky, Chair
Andrea Jaron, Vice Chair
Lisa Freedman, Secretary
Janet Lavine, Treasurer and Finance Chair
Kitty Cohen, Governance Chair
Carol Cooper, Past Chair and Founder
Linda Davis, Grants Chair
Enid Draluck, Education Chair
Ilene Engel, Founding Chair
Sara Franco, Founder
Stacey Geer, Membership Chair
Lisa Haynor, Immediate Past Chair, Nominating Committee Chair
Rachel Wasserman, Executive Director

Rachel Wasserman joined Jewish Women’s Fund of Atlanta in August 2012, soon after its launch. She arrived at JWFA with experience in grant-writing and implementing programs, as well as a vast knowledge of the nonprofit sector. Since working with JWFA, Rachel has received the Pinnacle Award from Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta and was selected by Atlanta Jewish Times as one of its “40 Under 40,” plus one of the top 25 nonprofit innovators in Atlanta. Her previous relevant work experience includes Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta, Greyston Foundation, UJA-Federation of NY, JCC Manhattan, and The Jewish Board of Family and Children’s Services. She was a 2003-2004 member of AVODAH: The Jewish Service Corps, which was the official launch of her career as a Jewish communal professional.

Rachel received her bachelor’s from Brown University in Psychology and Judaic Studies, her master’s in Social Work from Columbia University, and her master’s in Jewish Studies from The Jewish Theological Seminary of America. During her time at Columbia and JTS, Rachel participated in a special Jewish Communal Service program.

Join Our Collective

Why Join?

Would you like to be more involved in deciding where your money goes and following the impact of grants for Jewish Women and girls? As a JWFA Trustee, you will.

We strongly believe in our “one woman, one vote” model, which values all Trustees equally, regardless of each woman’s individual investment in JWFA.

When you join Jewish Women’s Fund of Atlanta, you make a lasting investment in shaping the lives of Jewish women and girls. Women join JWFA with varied backgrounds and experiences, yet each woman shares a strong desire to help women grow, learn, and experience equality. Our diverse membership of talented, intelligent, and motivated women make a difference in the lives of Jewish women and girls in Atlanta and around the world.

Trustee Participation

As a Trustee, you can choose to participate as much or as little as you want. All Trustees are invited to join any committee and to attend all meetings and events. While some Trustees take an active role in JWFA decision-making, others trust the communal wisdom of the group. And most fall somewhere in-between! All Trustees are welcome and valued.

JWFA committees include: Grants, Membership, Governance, Finance, Development, and Education/Advocacy.

How to Join

Jewish women in Atlanta, who are wishing to participate in JWFA, agree to make a gift of at least $3,000 per year for three years, totaling at least $9,000. For women under age 45, the minimum commitment is at least $1,000 per year for three years, totaling at least $3,000. Additional donations or tributes are welcome at any time and increase the capacity of JWFA to make Jewish grants. The generous contributions of all JWFA Trustees are pooled into a philanthropic Donor-Advised Fund.

You can fund your membership with cash or appreciated securities, or by recommendation of grants from philanthropic (donor-advised) funds or family funds. Membership is effective immediately upon receipt of first payment (a minimum of $3,000 for women 45 and over; minimum of $1,000 for women under 45).

For more information about Atlanta philanthropy and becoming a JWFA Trustee, please contact Rachel Wasserman, JWFA Executive Director, at rwasserman@jwfatlanta.org   or 678-222-3716.

You may also download a Trustee Agreement here.


Mission Statement:

Jewish Women’s Fund of Atlanta expands opportunities in the lives of Jewish women and girls via effective grant-making, advocacy, and education through a gender lens. Our grants provide sustainable benefits to those we serve. We empower women to be leaders, philanthropists, and decision makers.

Core Values:

  • We value repairing the world by supporting organizations and programs which promote social change for women and girls in the Jewish community.
  • We strive to achieve Maimonides’ highest level of tzedakah: helping someone help herself.
  • We place a priority on Jewish grants that hold the promise of long-term, transformational impact on the Jewish community.
  • We aim to be an educational vehicle for Jewish women in philanthropy and to advocate for the overall needs of Jewish women and girls.
  • We value inclusion and active participation on the part of our Trustees and will strive for respect and consensus.
  • We value collaboration with those who share our goals and will seek partnerships and encourage coalitions.

Jewish Women’s Funding Network

While Jewish Women’s Fund of Atlanta is the only Atlanta women’s fund of its kind, we are an active member of the Jewish Women’s Funding Network. The network is a collaboration of 25 similar organizations engaging in social change fundraising and grant-making. By working together and sharing best practices, we strengthen our efforts, providing even more opportunities for Jewish women and girls than we can on our own. Collectively, the network has awarded more than $33 million in grants and holds more than $40.5 million in assets. Jewish women’s funds in the network are spread throughout the United States, with common values, methodologies, and goals.

 JWFA Trustees collaborate on successful grants for Jewish women and girls.